Aam ki chutney with besan ki roti. (mango chutney with gram flour tortillas)

Mango overdose is here ! Its summer all around and Mumbai summers without mangoes are incomplete. Its like, God sent Mangoes during this season as compensation for the unbearable heat that we Mumbaikars face every summer.
Mangoes make summers tolerable!!
And of course, I had to exploit this 😉
I decided that aam ki chutney (Mangoes are called aam here, pronounced like ohm, but replace the o with “a” …ah-hm” ) would be a happy change from the spicy lunches I have been having recently.

Aam ki chutney paired with besan ki roti (gram flour tortillas) is amazing not only fir lunch, mind you this is highly filling and heavy ; but also can be served as a dessert without the tortillas.

Either way, they taste delicious!

The mangoes I use for all my dishes are Alphonso, they are so juicy that even while you peel them, the juice is sure to fall off and reach your elbows.
One thing to keep in mind is , use the freshest mangoes. We don’t want to compromise on taste here now, do we? 🙂

This recipe easily serves around 4-5 people.

Aam ki chutney:
3 ripe Alphonso mangoes(peeled and cut into tiny pieces)
Some mint leaves
100 gms sugar

Besan ki roti( gram flour tortillas)
500 gms gram flour
1 onion
1tsp zeera
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp heeng
1tsp salt
Some dhaniya leaves
1/2 cup water

Aam ki chutney

Peel the mangoes and cut them into tiny little pieces.


Add in the sugar and mint leaves. Mix well till all the sugar granules have dissolved.


Refrigerate till cold.
Your aam ki chutney is ready!
Simple isn’t it?

Besan ki roti( gram flour tortillas)

Mix all the ingredients.


Slowly add water till you form a soft dough.



Roll the dough and form a 6-7 inch circle.


Proceed to make it like you would make you tortillas.
And your done!!!

Put aam ki chutney in a bowl and pair it with fresh warm tortillas .


Or simply scoop out some aam ki chutney and relish .


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