Homemade Khoya

Khoya/Mava is an essential ingredient for sweetmeats. It’s basically solidified milk fat, reduced to a meagre content after rigorous cooking.It has a crumbly texture and is very rich.

There are 3 types of khoya, the difference in each being the texture..but its usage is the same..Batti mava, Chikna mava, and Daanedar mava…Each in increasing order of their difficulty..Daanedar being more difficult than the rest. Why go through all the trouble of making the difficult when you can make its simplest form, have the same results and be super content? Here, I have made the chikna mava. In India, khoya is widely available at every dairy , however the store-bought cannot even compare to the homemade(as usual)..

All you need to make the perfect khoya at home is full fat milk and lots of patience.
Since milk will be reduced to its solids, this process will take around 2 hours, depending on the fat content of the milk and the quantity of milk.

1 litre full fat milk
(yep, that’s it)


Bring milk to a bowl in a preferably non stick, deep bottomed vessel and reduce heat to bare minimum.


Keep stirring every 4-5 minutes for around 1 and a half hour, until the milk has reduced to 1/5th of its original content.


After one and a half hour

The stirring ensures that milk doesn’t scald and stick to the bottom.
Even a partially scalded milk, may spoil the taste of khoya..


At one hour forty minutes

. IMAG2215

Keep stirring this continuously until the water has completely evaporated from the milk and you’re left with solids.


Once you reach this stage, stir continuously without any intervals.

Any lag in stirring will cause it to scald.




It may seem a little wet here, but the khoya will harden as it cools..

This can be used immediately or can be stored in the fridge for around 4 days..



Use accordingly.(I say gulab jamuns)
Or you could use my recipe for Shahi Tukde.. 🙂
Hope this helps!


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