A dense, dark cookie from The Ultimate Chocolate Cookie Book by Bruce Weinstein, Mark Scarbrough that gives you a creamy sandwich center that will always cheer you up! 



Molten Lava Cake

Here’s  some Molten Lava Cake for you to dig into!


and some more :p100_6460

Recipe source: Here

I halved the recipe and skipped adding the just the yolks, and they were still to die for!

Update: I made this again without altering the recipe at all. Verdict? No noticeable change! (I won’t be adding just the yolks unless I have some lying around)



Eid-ul-fitr Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak one and all! May you all be blessed with the Almighty’s choicest blessings 🙂
I personally will miss Ramadan to the core! But of course, this Eid again brings with itself the choicest delicacies for me to gorge on! So one thing to be super happy about!!
Sheer korma, Biryani are the classics that are cooked at my home every single year.. Anyways today, no recipe post 🙂
Just me wishing all of you a Happy Eid!



Mango Ice Cream/My very first post!!!!

This is doubly exciting for me.. my very first post..oh the butterflies in my stomach!! I can’t believe I finally got down to doing what I wanted to do from a really long time..Blog or as i shall call it, Flog ( Food Blog! , creative aren’t I? 😉 )
So, i have got two things to be insanely happy about.. MY VERY FIRST POST ANNNND MANGOES!!!!!

Mangoes and I have a very old connection. As long as i can go back and dig into my memories,mangoes were my favorite fruit..I used to run to my father and grab the box or “aam ki peti” as i used to call it. Come mangoes and all the meals of the day used to be forgotten..
I used to have mangoes day and night!! notwithstanding the stomach ache i used to get later :p

Come hither summers and what you will surely come across in Mumbai is cartloads of Mango boxes at every corner of the street

Delicious juicy  mangoes, just waiting to be gobbled ! be it sliced up, in a milk shake, or as , aamrakhand, oh the list is endless!!!

But what steals the show is gorgeous Mango ice cream made from scratch… there’s something so satisfying to make your own ice cream at home…

No preservatives, no added icky stuff…just Pure natural goodness of mangoes.. oh and since i have no ice cream maker, it’s a bang on recipe!

What you need to keep in mind though is the churning. Be sure to churn this after every one hour or so, to avoid any icy water molecules in this pure heavenly cream …trust me , once you start eating..its going to be impossible to put your spoon down ( I made an extra half a litre and hid it, to treat and keep it for myself! *EVIL* )

Now go ahead, read on and make it..

Don’t deprive yourself of any of this goodness!!

This recipe easily makes about one and a half  litre of pure ice cream (already drooling!)


4 medium-sized mangoes ( i used Alphonso)

3 egg yellows

1 cup milk

1 cup heavy cream/ whipped cream

Half a cup sugar amounting to 50 gm.


Peel the mangoes and cut them into small pieces. Grind them to make a thick mango paste.

Beat the egg yellow and sugar well.

In a deep pan, add the milk and let it be warm. Slowly add the milk to the egg mixture, constantly beating it.

Add this whole mixture back to the pan . Add the mango paste slowly, stirring all along.

Next add the whipped cream and let this mixture form a custard.. When mixed the mixture should coat the back of the spoon and slowly drop away.

Remove from heat.

Let it cool a little , and then slowly strain this thick mixture through a strainer. ( This step is optional, it’s completely your preference here)

Put it in your freezer and after every interval of one hour, churn the mixture well.

Repeat this 4-5 times till it is in a creamy consistency..

Serve .

This ice cream is best when used within 3-4 days.

You can even top it with some chocolate sauce..Chocolate complements Mango real good!

Now go ahead, make some of this creamy Mangooey goodness!!

Creamy Mango ice cream
Creamy Mango ice cream



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